About Us

Who we are….

  • The Huda Academy was established in 2000 to promote education and create an environment based on Islamic principles of character, courage and compassion.
  • The Huda Academy is the only Islamic School in Arkansas which is accredited by AdvanceED and CISNA (Council of Islamic Schools of North America).
  • The Huda Academy Early Childhood program “Better Beginnings” is a state approved and sanctioned program. We are a Level 1 accredited program.
  • The Huda Academy boasts one of the strongest academic programs among private schools in the state of Arkansas participating in statewide and nationwide competitions with great results.

Preschool Program (Better Beginnings Curriculum):

  • Infant (6mo-2 yrs), Toddler Class (2 yrs), PreK-3 Class, Pre-K4 Class
  • Guided and independent play based on developmental stages and milestones to aid in social-emotional, language, and cognitive development
  • Exposure to numbers, letters, colors & shapes in English and Arabic which scaffold in complexity as children get older.
  • Nurturing classroom environment including educational toys and centers with stimulating activities to teach children social skills while they learn.
  • Structured daily routine including circle time to  learn basic Muslim greetings, manners.
  • Emphasis is placed on physical activity with supervised play period in the school playground and gym.
  • At the completion of our Pre-K program an average student (age 4-5 years) can:
    • Read, sound and write all alphabets in English & Arabic language
    • Recognize major shapes & colors in English & Arabic
    • Read and write numbers 1 through 20 in English & Arabic
    • Interact meaningfully with peers, friends, parents, teachers and strangers. 

Elementary School (KG – 5)

  • All grades use curriculum that is based on the Common Core Standards.
  • Standards Based Report Cards allow parents to monitor the progress of their child meeting the standards.
  • English and Language Arts Curriculum
    • 5 components of reading are taught beginning Kindergarten  (vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, phonics, phonemic awareness)
    • Writing and Grammar skills are  taught using 6+1 Traits through process writing, journal writing, and genre writing.
    • Progress is measured using the STAR test as well as the Accelerated Reader Program. 
    • Novel studies begin in third grade offering students a chance to read and analyze chapter books in a variety of genres. 
  • Math
    • The Huda Academy boasts one of the strongest math curriculum in the state of Arkansas by teaching Singapore Math.
    • STAR Math and Accelerated Math offers a quarterly evaluation of math skills and differentiated instruction to bridge academic gaps or push students ahead.
  • Science
    • All grades use curriculum that addresses the Next Generation Science Standards
    • Science labs and activities are regularly incorporated into lessons to provide a hands on understanding of material.
    • Science Lab Room filled with materials all grades can use including STEM bins.
    • Partnership with UALR to use their lab materials
  • Social Studies
    • Curriculum provides engaging lessons  to address the four strands of Social Studies: Government, Economics, Geography, & History
    • Current Events are blended into curriculum to apply material to present day issues.
    • Computer/Technology
    • Every classroom has Smart-Board technology
    • Every classroom has a technology class once a week
    • School-wide computer lab
  • Physical Education
    • All classes have a Physical Education class twice a week in new state of the art gymnasium.
    • Recess is provided daily for all students either on our playground or in the gym.
  • Annual Standardized Testing
    • We annually test the  proficiency of our students with the CTB Battery of standardized testing.
    • Grade levels, on average, score in the 80th percentile or above in Reading, Language, and Math.

Middle School (6-8)

Our middle school program is designed to prepare students for honors and advanced tracks in high school.  Math classes include pre-algrebra, algebra, and geometry.  Social Studies will include World History, World Geography, and American History.  Our ELA Program provides students an opportunity to study literature, grammar, writing, and vocabulary. Students will  read a variety of texts including novels, short stories, plays, biographies and poetry.  Science/STEM classes allow students to explore earth and life science, physical science and chemistry using a variety of texts and labs.  

Qira’ah and Hifz Program

    • The Huda Academy boasts one of the strongest Qira’ah(Qur’an recitation) program in the nation with the kids starting to read from the qura’n as early as 1st grade.

Bayyinah Program – Qur’anic Grammar

    • The Huda Academy follows Bayyinah curriculum for its Arabic Program from grade 3rd and up with the emphasis of understanding the message of Qur’an.

After- School Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

After- school clubs are open to all students.  Clubs have included Drama, Writing, Arts and Crafts, Cooking, Calligraphy, Speech and STEM.   These are held Monday through Thursday respectively, between 3:30pm- 4:30pm. Sports are also an important part of our after school culture.  We offer basketball for third grade and up, archery for 4th grade and up, and soccer for all ages. 

Students participate in the Quran Competition, Science Fair, Speech- Contest, Spelling Bee,  Field Trips and myriad other activities throughout the academic year.