Student enrollment usually starts in the month of March for new students and January for existing students. Registration and tuition payment must be complete by May 31st  in order to take advantage of special discounts.


In order to apply to Huda Academy please Download the Registration Form or pick up the necessary registration kits/forms at the school. Fill them out and drop them off, and make an appointment for enrollment. This gives the office administrator a chance to check your paper work, calculate your first payment, and save you time during registration.Actual enrollment requires an appointment with the Huda Academy Office Administrator. At that time
  • All paperwork must be completed
  • All prior tuition paid
  • A check covering registration fee and minimal two months tuition must accompany the paper work.


The following information is needed for all students to enroll at Huda Academy:

  • Completed Application Form (form)
  • Copy of the Student’s Birth Certificate
  • Signed Authorization for Emergency Medical Attention
  • Copy of the Student’s Immunization Record
  • Doctor’s Statement of the Student’s Health Record
  • Signed Tuition plan contract
  • Signed Acceptance of Rules and Regulations Outlined in the Parent’s Handbook

For transferring students, the following documents are required as well:

  • Report Cards (for transferring students)
  • Permission for Transfer of Records (transferring students)

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