4th Grade

Sara Garland

My name is Sara Garland and this is my second year of teaching at The Huda Academy. I teach math and science for fourth and fifth grade, as well as, fifth grade social studies.

I graduated from the University of Central Arkansas in 2012 with my bachelor’s degree, and then again in December 2014 with my Masters of Arts in Teaching. Throughout my life I have always loved working with children, whether it be babysitting, mentoring, tutoring, book clubs, or daycare. I am excited to be at The Huda Academy to continue my dream of making a difference in children’s lives.

My hobbies include traveling, spending time with my family, reading, and going on walks with my puppies. I have two nieces, ages 4 and 8, who are like mini-me’s. In January, I am getting married in New Orleans, which I am very ecstatic about!!

Sara can be reached at sara@hudaacademy.org

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